Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nice to be listened to... someone I admire so much for her wire-wrapped jewelry style! I stop by Tela's Formosa's blog daily since she often posts her work and it speaks to me so grandly. She adores working with cab's, I do too, and always am inspired by her wrapping style. I am sure my "style" has improved greatly since following her excellent blog.

I stated that I was looking forward to see how she wraps a square stone since I have a parallelogram-shaped cab that is begging me to create something for and I have not come up with any good designs. The tips she offered for creating new design shapes is priceless to me and the sample she wrapped because I asked is wonderfully original and absolutely gorgeous.

What an honor!

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  1. Good morning, Susan! How nice it was to read this :) You are more than welcome, but really it is I who is thankful. I put off doing squares at every turn, but I'm glad you nudged me to pick one up to work on. Glad to have inspired. :)