Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Assortment

This is just a fun assortment I have been working with in getting ready for an upcoming art show. The Dancer on the left is from a tutorial by Tela Formosa.

The next earrings to the dancer's left  is a pair of clip-on earrings I made as a gift for someone who doesn't have pierced ears (imagine that!).

The rock fellow sitting to the left of those earrings is holding a sign that say's "Hello". I thought that would look cute on my display table amidst the jewelry for sale. I got this tutorial by Feelingstone Gifts, LLC, provided in the website.


  1. How cute! Love your lil wire guys! They seem real friendly, too. :)

  2. Tela, Those wire guys are fun, huh? I like the look of them but coiling all that wire for the bodies gets my hand arthritis all fired up, so I haven't made more for awhile. I want to make more, though!