Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Wired Up

I want to mention the recent wonderful service I received from All Wired Up Beads.Com. I had been eyeing the Wubbers bail-making pliers they offer for awhile now and heard from Sharilyn Miller's blog that they were offering one of her latest books and DVD's as a bonus when you order three pliers from them, for a limited time. that very day I sent my order in and within four days I received it! I have only had time to glance at the photos in Sharilyn's book, but the projects look fantastic and the bail-making pliers look to be just what I need for the many pendants I am wrapping right now.

Especially appreciated was the care with which my order was packaged, this is sadly lacking in some mail order companies and their special touch of a hand-written note, wishing me "happy Wubbing" on the invoice by the person packing it was a very nice touch!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Mexico Stone 3

I am surely having fun using my New Mexico stones I have polished and wrapped. This one has such nice color streaks. As in the pendant below, one cannot do a classical, traditional wrapped frame around it as it is asymmetrically-shaped. But I like the organic nature of these stones; especially since I collected, tumbled and wrapped them myself!

I will start wearing these to test the market and road-test them for comfort and see how well they do. I have lots more raw rocks to tumble!

New Mexico Stone 2

This is another of my stones I collected, tumbled/polished and then wrapped into a pendant. Since it is smooth and has no drilled holes it is a challenge to wrap well, but I am getting better at it! This stone is not cut and shaped, it is what it is as it comes out of the tumbler, so I decided to go with a funky, asymmetrical wrap since that is what the stone seemed to need.

I apologize for the reflection on the stone as it is much richer in color in real life than is shown here.

I received my order of square and half-round copper wire from Parawire and was very pleased with their service so will order from them again. Here, I used their antique copper square wire for the frame and wraps. Nice stuff!

Stone Duo and Purple!

 While shopping at Gem World in Quartzsite, I found some of these luscious purple drilled cabs. When at art shows I frequently hear "do you have anything in purple?" So, I jumped on a few of these and like the combination of purple base with magenta flecks.
These are such fun drilled stones, they go together nicely and seem to be popular at sales. I am glad I stocked up  on the wire neck rings while in Quartzsite!