Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three New Pieces

 As promised (at least to myself) I have photographed three newer pieces that I had finished but not posted. I need to improve my posting of jewelry pieces to this blog! I am preparing for an artwalk at Toscana at Desert Ridge in a few weeks and wanted to have some new special pieces for my display.

This is another of my copper calla lily pendants. This one has silvertone accents. The others like this I have made have had turquoise beads for accents and I wanterd to do something different.

 This pendant is a stone I have had for awhile but didn't have what I wanted to use to make a necklace from. I did find some howlite stone beads and used those, linked together in sections, to make this necklace.
This is something really funky I decided to try. I downloaded a free tutorial by Judy Freyer-Thompson from the ArtJewelry online website. It involves patination of metals using a process that in different steps involves the use of Kosher salt, white vinegar and ammonia. I really love the free-form designs on these discs, which I will use for some earrings. I am not sure how I will design them, but I do know I don't want to cover up this patination with anything fancy, it should stand on its own! I am thinking ahead now to pendants using this method, how cool is this?!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jewelry Give-Away

I am always interested to see the generous nature of those who give paintings or jewelry away on their blogs. Right now, Tish McDermott is giving away a lovely pair of earrings to the lucky one chosen from the comments section of her blog. Just click on over to her blog and enter...her pieces are lovely and so imaginative.

I promise to start photographing the pieces I am working on and begin posting them here again. I have neglected to do that for far too long!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aubrey and Grandma Time!

We had the pleasure of a few days' visit from our youngest son and his family. This included my Ms. Aubrey! After raising only sons, it is such a pleasure to have a girly-girl to play with and have her participate in our activity planning! She came with her plans of what she and Grandma could do together. This included painting, bracelet-making and I surprised her with a chocolate chip cookie baking session. We had to have the energy to do all of these activities together!

She is developing a sense of design, whether it be painting or jewelry. She wanted a bracelet that matched the poorple in her pretty new dress. Of course Grandma had just the perfect beads in her growing stash. We both had a great time and created more wonderful memories together.