Friday, December 18, 2009

Operation Warmheart

I wish to announce some exciting news. I belong to the Sun City Grand Art Club, as well as to one of their sub-groups called Grand Artist Jewelry. This Grand Artist Jewelry group has taken on a holiday service project to raise money for Operation Warmheart. This is a charity sponsored by the Luke Air Force Base First Sergeants, they raise money to assist deployed military and their families. This includes providing food, emergency shelter, airline tickets for the family of a severely injured airman, and many other worthy services.

As artisan jewelers, we have offered many hand-made pieces for sale today, Friday the 18th, at the Concierge desk at Sun City Grand's Sonoran Plaza. This sale will run from 8:00-4:00 today. The Concierge desk is across from Zuni's, where you will find lovely pieces of hand-wrought jewelry. There will be pieces that will be for sale, with 100% going to this worthy charity and others with percentages of the sales going to Operation Warmheart.

After today's fund drive with jewelry sales, I will also be involved in an ArtChix sale at the Sun City Grand Art Club. I will carry over my participation in today's sale benefiting Operation Warmheart where I will have designated pieces available for sale at my table at the sale. I will also accept donation to the cause.

I offer credit card convenience at my table, so if you would like to leave a donation it would be appreciated by so many!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turquoise and Copper Necklace

I found this beautiful copper chain at A 2 Z Beads last week and knew it would be perfect for this necklace. It is beautiful, with three-strand, fine chain segments between copper loops. Since this may be a heavier-than-normal "pendant", I thought the clasp might be uncomfortable on the back of the neck so decided to attach the chain to the pendant with pure copper lobster clasps on both ends of the chain (accommodating either right or left-hand user). I think this will be more convenient and comfortable.

I am pleased with this necklace, as well as being pleased to have finished it! This took more patience than I normally have, but it feels like more of an accomplishment that way.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Newest Project

I recently bought Sharilyn Miller's new book on contemporary copper jewelry. In this book, she invited other jewelry designers to contribute designs for using copper. This one was by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong and for some reason it just spoke to me. I don't know if it is something I would wear, but I sure like the looks of it at this point.

You begin with a free-form wire support which is work hardened and hammered for permanence. Then, you create cages with smaller gauge copper wire to hold the turquoise stones (not drilled beads, but chunks of turquoise) and then wire them onto the frame along with thousands (don't know that for sure, but it sure seemed like it!) of tiny beads.

I will next either buy or make the links for a copper chain to hold make this into a necklace. At the sides are two loops for attaching the chain so I am still thinking about whether to make my own links or see if I can find some that I like for this piece.

I worked on this both days of our ArtChix sale last weekend when I wasn't talking to customers. It sure involved a lot of wrapping!

Beading Session

When I found out that Aubrey and her parents would be here for the Thanksgiving holiday, she and I planned on painting and beading together. Here, you can see her excellent skill in threading beads onto memory wire for a bracelet. Note the proper placement of the tongue to make that bead go onto the wire!

I held the wire for her so it would not spring back at her and she placed beads, very carefully, and in the suggested alternating color pattern, onto the wire. As it was almost completed, she announced "I am making this bracelet for you, Grandma"! I was so touched, I thought she was making it for herself. I will cherish it forever. Our step-granddaughter, Destiny, was making one for Aubrey so she got one, too. It was a fun day of painting and beading with my fav peeps.

Now, back to lone beading, it won't be the same! But, wait until you see what I am working on now...a necklace that will be more like a breastplate and will not be for the demure and dainty!