Thursday, September 8, 2011

Darlene's Druzey

Darlene was referred to me by a beading friend who does not do wire wrapping. Darlene had this stone and wanted it wrapped with silver wire to hang from her omega. She sent the omega and stone to me and this is what I did, pending her approval. I received the approval (she loves it!) and will send it today.

I don't like this photo as much as the one I sent her, but now cannot find that one so this is what I got before I sent the package to her. This angle makes it look sorta wonky, which it isn't.


Darlene called me today to let me know that she had received the pendant and necklace and was so very pleased, in her words "it is so much more than I expected!". How encouraging were those words to me!

I have started working on some free-form/my own design pendants using undrilled stones and cabachons, great fun and will start photographing them as I complete them.

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