Monday, September 12, 2011


This is my latest creation, made up as I went along and without a tutorial. I started out using 12 g copper wire, which I hammered and fashioned into a textured free-form pendant. I then decided to use that as a frame for a jasper cabachon I had. I decided I liked it and made it into a necklace, matching the cab with some carnelian beads I had. I had a great time "designing" this.


  1. Very lovely and VERY interesting, unique setting! It's fun to play around and see what you can come up with isn't it? :)

    Tela Formosa (I'm not signed into my account right now.)

  2. Tela, I am honored that you stopped by and commented on this. It represents two sessions to do and I so enjoyed both of the sessions.

    What are your thoughts on always patinating copper. I keep reading thoughts that raw copper should always be antiqued, but I like the look of the shiny copper and wondered if I should reconsider?

  3. I'm a huge fan of liver of sulfur. I love shiny copper, but it doesn't stay that way long and is a lot of work to keep it shiny. You could use coated wire, but if it is nicked and where it is cut, it will tarnish. I have really grown to love patinated copper for its beauty and durability compared to raw copper.

  4. Okay Tela, I bow to your experience and skill with creating beautiful copper jewelry. I will use either LOS or Gun Blue on this piece and will patinate more of my copper pieces that I love working with.

    I started using Gun Blue when I wanted to patinate some copper with pearls in the piece and didn't want to harm the pearls. So, I can use a Q-Tip and carefully smear the paste on the copper only and then wipe off after it is black. This gives the same outcome as the LOS, without the dipping into the solution.

    Thanks for your patience with my questions and I do appreciate your suggestions.

  5. I haven't tried gun blue. I think my husband has some, though. I'll try it. There are lots of neat ways to patina copper. Have you tried the verdigris green, yet? It's really good for some things. FYI- I haven't had LOS ruin anything yet including pearls. I guess if I had a stone with very heavy metal content, it might turn it, but none so far and I have done covellite which has a lot of copper in it. :)