Monday, October 5, 2009

Soapstone Necklace

In addition to wanting to share with you my latest necklace design, I am trying to experiment with jewelry photography and effects to do that better. This is a baby step toward that. I like the diffused light but will position the bust differently next time. Always something to learn!

This is a necklace designed after finding these soapstone beads at Western Traders when I was last in Las Cruces. They are of such an architectural design that I did not want to overdo the use of them, so decided to separate them in bead units of copper beads and copper wire. I like the effect! I had planned on showing earrings to match but found, when I "roadtested" them that they were a bit too heavy and uncomfortable when they bumped against my neck. That is why I always roadtest prototype designs before trying to sell them.

This, along with many other of my pieces will be available at the Sun City Grand Oktoberfest. I will have my jewelry in the Art Club as well as another artisan and I will be sharing a table in the Chaparell Center. Stop by and see us!

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