Monday, October 12, 2009

Oktoberfest Art Sale

Thanks to Jim Greenwald, one of the art club's photographers, for supplying this photo of me at the art sale. I was manning, along with Sue Bulgrin, the artisan jewelry table in the art club. I also had paintings for sale, but this crowd was apparently not buying much, especially of paintings. But, a few bought jewelry. As an artist who participates in sales, I always hope to sell more than I do, but in this case I feel grateful that I did as well as I did.

I truly was not wearing all of those necklaces...they were on black velvet busts on a day when I was wearing a black top! Oh well, won't do that again! Anyway, the necklace (please click on the photo to see a better detail version) that I was the most happy to sell and sorry to lose was the one that was at my right lower chest. I had taken apart lots of vintage pearl necklaces and a silver brooch and hooked the clasps from these necklaces onto the triangle-shaped brooch. A lady, who was approaching her sixtieth birthday, saw that and just had to have it. She said when her husband got there he would make up the difference and she would consider this her sixtieth birthday present! I told her that the price, then, would match her birthday years and held it for her husband's return. They both came back, she put the necklace on, they paid me for it and she was one happy person. She told me that several people had noticed ti on the way out of the room and she was so proud to have this. I am always happy to have my time and materials covered when I sell something, but then sometimes the rewards of matching a customer's wishes trumps that and the warm/fuzzy feeling that comes from pleasing someone with a design makes it more worthwhile than the money.

Since this necklace was a one-of-a-kind and never-to-be repeated design I would not have minded keeping it for myself, but if I am going to be in the business of selling jewelry I cannot let sentiment rule the day. So, I am happy it went to a happy home.

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