Friday, July 17, 2009

Industrial Chic

I was inspired by some designs using found objects by Tara. Since then I have been on the look-out for objects to mix with the beads I have and have had fun creating some of them. The earrings here are some I used from hardware store finds and some of the copper pieces are from there, as well. The orange bead bracelet is one I made for myself to match a necklace and earring set I have of the orange beads.

By the way, I spoke with my favorite jewelry store guy in Las Cruces (Western Traders) and he said these brown and turquoise beads are calcilikite. Who knew?

I started tumbling some of the many rocks found on our recent New Mexico jaunt. Even just rinsing them off to prepare for the tumbler revealed their beauty, so I am hoping for spectacular results with these. For all the sweat and effort my husband and I put into gathering these, they had better be spectacular! Rockhounding is a tiring hobbby!

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