Friday, April 24, 2009

Red and Crystal

The centerpiece of this pendant was refurbished from an antique brooch I have had for many years. I bought it to wear on jacket lapels and always enjoyed it. After leaving it in a drawer for quite awhile, I decide to bring it back to life in a newly-styled necklace pendant. The necklace is below.

The beads used in this necklace and pendant are Swarovski crystal beads and gold beads. I have no idea of the center stone in the former brooch. I am quite sure it is a rhinestone, but may also be a lab-created ruby. I do know that the filigree surrounding the stone is well-designed and nice metal.

I often have wondered about who these belonged to and how they wound up for sale in an antique store on Whiskey Road in Prescott, AZ where I purchased a few of these pieces.


  1. Totally stunning...

  2. Susan, I am so impressed with your jewelry. Are you going to sell on your site?