Thursday, April 23, 2009

Concho Belt Reborn

This is a necklace and earring set I made for myself. The silver pieces that are in the pendant and earrings were reclaimed from a concho belt that had been in my late mother-in-law's family. I believe it was her belt but am unsure of that, it could have been her mother's. I am taking it apart link-by-link and cleaning it up and making jewelry for myself from it. I think Mom would have been very happy to see how this is being used!

Most people (including me!) have drawers with old costume and good jewelry that has not been worn for quite awhile. I am taking a lot of this apart and refurbishing it, designing it into more modern and fashionable pieces. This is great fun and so far has been profitable. I will not be selling any of the jewelry I make with the silver pieces shown here since they are from old family pieces. I cherish things that were treasured by prior generations.


  1. Great looking blogspot. And, your creations are unique, with history, and look great.

  2. Take it from one who saw this stunning artisan jewelry... it is totally awesome. Besides being beautiful and creative, the history behind the focal point is so very interesting. Great blog Susan.

    Carol Kennedy

  3. Thanks so much, Ladies! Check back in often to see what I am up to.

    Carol, keep those eyes peeled for more interesting beads and findings. I will exhaust my supply of old jewelry to refurbish and then start my hunting. This is such fun!