Friday, June 17, 2011

Stromatolite Wrap

This cabachon is of stromatolite, sent to me by Bob Hale. I finally got brave enough to wrap it and like the resulting pendant. I will attempt some more of the stones he sent soon as they are all just gorgeous.
 Here I torched and hammered sheet copper to make this dangly necklace. I made the chain by making bead connectors and wiring them together to form the links.
This is a pendant I made from a piece of jasper I rock-hounded in Deming, NM and then tumbled and polished it. I then wrapped it in antiqued copper wire to suspend from a simple wire neck ring. I love the colors in this stone!


  1. Beautiful pendants, and I love the work bench in the bedroom. Wish my fingers allowed me to go back to jewellery making. The curse of getting older.

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