Sunday, March 28, 2010

Copper Blossom 2

This is another of my copper blossoms necklaces. I so enjoy hammering and shaping these discs I cut out from the flamed sheets of copper. I am also enjoying making more necklaces with hand-twisted links, forming bead components. I feel they are stronger and I just like the look over that of beads on beading wire.


  1. Love the disks. Would love a close up. Looks like the beads go over top of the disks? Pretty piece.

  2. Lois, this piece is now on display at our community art club so I cannot retake the photo to show a closeup right now. I will do that ASAP, thanks for the reminder that I should be taking macro shots of the focal pieces like these.

    The discs have two holes inside, top and bottom. The wire is inserted in the top hole, the beads threaded on, it goes through the bottom hole and then the remaining wire is twisted into a closed loop. This makes each disc a separate bead unit, as are all of the components of the chain. I connected all of the chain and disc bead units with brass split rings. I think this makes the necklace much stronger than being threaded onto beading wire, and I like the look.

    Thanks for the comment...