Friday, February 12, 2010

Copper Blossoms

This is one of the pair of earrings I made yesterday to go with the copper and brass pendant made earlier this week. The other one did not show the colors well and was in shadow and, rather than retake the photo, I decided to just show this one. I do love the colors that the torch brought out on this sheet of copper.

I road-tested these yesterday afternoon and they are comfy and have lots of movement; which I like for earrings.

Note the almost rough edges on the bell, I am inspired to make them more so to suggest petals of a blossom next time. These are filed smooth on the edges and I like the dips and flares, for some reason, instead of hammering them smooth in the doming block. Next time, I think I will make the disks larger and just hammer the center of them and let the edges be what they want to be. Interesting!


  1. Very cool. What is in the center of the earring? I like the colors too. Do you treat the copper first before firing or just heat it up?

  2. Thanks Lois! I used a brass spacer and headpin for the center. The head pin was then formed into an eye loop, with more wraps than usual and then the "neck" of that was bent up so the loop would hang on the ear wire.

    I did not treat the copper sheet at all before using the torch, just let it bring out all of those colors from the copper. A friend saw my post-torch sheet and said I should frame the whole sheet, just like that, without cutting it. She thought it was too pretty to cut. Didn't listen to her, though! She did give me some ideas for in the future, though! With a little more practice I think I could creat sky, mountains and land "paintings" on copper. Very interesting.

  3. Susan,

    Your work is wonderful. It has truly brought out the artist in you. I love what you are doing.