Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beading Session

When I found out that Aubrey and her parents would be here for the Thanksgiving holiday, she and I planned on painting and beading together. Here, you can see her excellent skill in threading beads onto memory wire for a bracelet. Note the proper placement of the tongue to make that bead go onto the wire!

I held the wire for her so it would not spring back at her and she placed beads, very carefully, and in the suggested alternating color pattern, onto the wire. As it was almost completed, she announced "I am making this bracelet for you, Grandma"! I was so touched, I thought she was making it for herself. I will cherish it forever. Our step-granddaughter, Destiny, was making one for Aubrey so she got one, too. It was a fun day of painting and beading with my fav peeps.

Now, back to lone beading, it won't be the same! But, wait until you see what I am working on now...a necklace that will be more like a breastplate and will not be for the demure and dainty!

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