Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heritage Necklace

While disassembling a lot of the family pieces to refurbish and reuse I was struck by the beauty of the oldest clasps and chains that were used years ago to finish and secure necklaces. I had this brooch we removed the soldered pin from, the triangular filigree centerpiece of the pendant, and decided to hang an assortment of these great clasps from the pendant. I like pendants with lots of motion and this one has that! I used some antique silver beads, mixed with my late mother-in-law's Swarovski crystal beads and made this necklace. Since it is comprised of family pieces, I will proudly wear this one myself so it won't be for sale. However, if it gives anyone an idea to do something similar with their older pieces, I thought I would show it here. I would be happy to redesign someone's treasures like this into something more updated yet charming, sentimental yet fun.


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